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Protect your retirement from AI

The best time for Millennials to prepare for retirement is now. If you’re one, part of your long-term goals is create a retirement fund that beats inflation and can give substantial passive income after retiring from employment thirty or forty years from now. But something in the workplace is capable of changing your capacity to

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Five Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

Do you want your hard-earned funds to grow and meet future needs but don’t have the time and skill to invest directly in the stock market?  Save yourself the trouble by investing in Mutual Funds. Here’s five reasons why investing in Mutual Funds can help you meet your financial goals. #1 Your money is managed

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The MOST important part of a Retirement Plan (1)

Most articles on retirement planning center on how and where to invest so that your money grows big enough to sustain your preferred lifestyle after retiring from active work. Of course, your need money to retire well. But it’s not the most important. When Manong Joey retired in 2005, he received a lump sum payment

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Money Habits to Develop this 2018

Bad money habits are like old clothes we don’t use anymore but still keep inside our closets. They take up space and accumulate dust and molds. But instead of disposing of old clothes to clear up space, we often make the mistake of buying new closets to store our new clothes, resulting in a more

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Where did my income go?

Doing self-check is a daily affair. You start the day brushing your teeth and taking a bath to get rid of unwanted dirt and substances. Before leaving the house, you spend time in the mirror to make sure you look presentable. And once you feel that something’s wrong, you go to the doctor for physical

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